Sylvain Lesage ·

Data visualization developer


Software development
JavaScript / Node.js, D3.js, three.js, Vue.js, Svelte, TypeScript, Java, Python, R, HTML, SVG, canvas
Spatial data
PostgreSQL / PostGIS, GeoNetwork, GeoServer, geOrchestra
Applied mathematics
Modeling, numerical simulation, algorithms, data structures, optimization, linear algebra, signal processing
Transverse abilities
Project management, redaction of technical standards and technological policies, animation of technical communities, teaching, state of art studies, oral presentation, public administration
French, Spanish, English

Professional experience

Software Engineer · Hugging Face · since 2021
ML Engineer working on the intersection of Frontend/Product and AI. Technologies: JavaScript, Svelte, D3.js, Tailwind CSS, Python, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Helm.
Independent data visualization developer · since 2018
Projects on data visualization, data analysis and software development for LIRIS, Le Monde Diplomatique, MabSilico, Public Eye, Camptocamp and Purchase College. Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, D3.js, three.js, Vue.js, Svelte, TypeScript, Java, Python, R, HTML, SVG, canvas. More details about the projects on
Head of Innovation, Research and Development Unit · AGETIC · 2017-2018
Project management on public administration simplification and e-government, technical assessment and redaction of technical reports, redaction of public regulation and standardization texts, facilitation of working groups on technical standards in the Bolivian public administration. 30-40 persons team.
Head of Innovation and Development Unit, then Executive Director · ADSIB · 2014-2017
As the executive director: decision-making on strategy, finances, public administration and technical projects, executive direction of services: country-level top level domain .bo (ccTLD, DNS), and launch of the first certification authority in Bolivia (digital signing, PKI), participation to the elaboration of norms (national e-government plan and free software and open standards implementation plan), representation of ADSIB in COPLUTIC, the Bolivian national committee in charge of the public policies and strategies of the sector. 30-40 persons institution. As a head of unit: project management and technical lead, technical design and implementation of the public certification authority (PKI, digital signature), technical design and supervision of the installation works of a new datacenter.
Independent software developer · 2013
Features development and bug fixing on geOrchestra for Camptocamp. Java, JavaScript, OpenLayers, ExtJS, LDAP
Web developer · Bolivian Mission to the UN in Geneva · 2013-2014
Development of a webapp for institutional memory preservation. Support to the multilateral work of the delegations in the United Nations
Technical lead · GeoBolivia · 2011-2013
Creation, project management and technical lead of GeoBolivia, the Bolivian national spatial data infrastructure. Technical design, development and implementation. Redaction and facilitation of working groups on technical standards for GIS free software, web services and open data adoption in the Bolivian state. 10-15 persons team. geOrchestra, GeoServer, GeoNetwork, servers administration
Technical consultant · ADSIB · 2011
State of the art on Public Key Infrastructures and redaction of a report with technical recommendations (algorithms, standards, organization) for the creation of a certification authority. PKI, digital signature
Web development · Vice-presidency of the Plurinational State of Bolivia · 2010-2011
Development of the Vice-presidency website, of a web app to manage economics information and of an electoral atlas of Bolivia. Servers and networks administration. PHP, MySQL, Spip, PostgreSQL, GeoServer, OpenLayers
Web development · Bolivian Roads Administration · 2009-2010
Development of the website and intranet portal, interactive Bolivian roads map, roads traffic map, installation of a free software streaming solution for opening of envelopes transparency, servers and networks administration. HTML, CSS, Spip, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Python, OpenLayers, Icecast, ffmpeg, GNU/Linux, vservers, Apache2, firewall, mail, DNS
Linux digital TV developer · SipRadius · 2009
Add IP frames encapsulation in DVB frames to dvbnet Linux library (C, Wireshark). Server administration.
Scientific Computing Engineer · Acsystème · 2007-2009
Development with Matlab, Simulink and C++. Teaching on Matlab. Projects in car industry: simulation of a shock absorbers system, minimization of escape pollution, detection of wheel rotation direction from sensor signals, power plant: data visualization, simulation and optimization of the electricity production, food industry: computer vision and automatic classification of fish species, simulation and optimization of fish cans filling, battery: simulation to specify motor and battery characteristics in a electric bicycle design.
Software developer · Kerlink · 2007
Development of a Linux driver for Cirrus CS42L51 audio codec (C, cross-compilation).
R&D transfer · IRISA · 2006-2007
Simulation of a speakers separation method using Matlab, for the European project PELOPS, to analyze multisensor audio streams for the automatic transcription of sport events
Teaching · University of Rennes 1 · 2003-2006
Teaching assistant in mathematics (support and functional analysis) and computer science (C, Matlab)


Military School of Engineering · 2018
"Relational databases security" course in Master in Information Technologies Security. PostgreSQL
Catholic University of Bolivia · 2015
"Digital signal processing" semester course for Telecommunication and Mechatronics degrees
Higher University of San Andrés · 2012
Free software for spatial data course in the Master in FLOSS. git, QGis, OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS
University of Rennes 1 · 2003-2006
Teaching assistant in mathematics (functional analysis, support classes) and computer science (C++, Matlab)


PhD in Telecommunications and Signal Processing · University of Rennes 1 · 2007

Engineering degree in Signal Processing ("Signal, Images, Forms") · Supélec · 2003

Master in Applied Mathematics · University of Metz · 2003