Geographic information

I design, install and administrate geographic information systems (GIS) with free software, I create maps and I analyze geographic data.
Municipal elections of 2015, credit: GeoElectoral,!/elecciones/2015/dpa/1


  • GIS,
  • maps,
  • geographic
  • information,
  • data,
  • free
  • software,
  • GeoServer,
  • GeoNetwork,
  • PostGIS,
  • python,
  • D3,
  • geOrchestra


As the technical officer of the GeoBolivia project (the Bolivian national spatial data infrastructure), along with the technical team, we published the the first version of the portal, using technologies like geOrchestra, GeoServer, GeoNetwork and PostGIS.

We also created the GeoElectoral portal, we realized various studies about geographic codes and Geohash, and participated to the work of the Interinstitutional Committee of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Plurinational State of Bolivia (IDE-EPB).

I actively contributed to the development of geOrchestra for the Camptocamp company, in France, and ultimately I’m developing personal projects related to maps and geographic information, principally with Python and D3.




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